Playing my biggest game yet: How the Coaching Co. came to life

After years of hearing the suggestion that I marry my aptitude for people and business into a consulting service offering, I decided to focus my attention to help make individuals, teams and organizations better. This is what brought the The Coaching Co. to life and firmed my commitment to play my biggest game yet.


There were guiding questions that helped make the decision:

  1. Do leaders/organizations have a need to accelerate their success?  
  2. How will my consulting and coaching services stand apart?
  3. How will I ensure that my clients get the best of me?

Let me explain.


While I spent much of my career in leadership - principally in senior human resources and operational roles  in companies of various sizes, the last few years in industry were spent in roles focused on the business of people as a leadership advisor and organizational development strategist. I embraced life-long learning and thought of myself as an ‘intrapreneur’, looking to drive organizational success through a ‘can-always-be-better’ lens. Joining Deloitte’s Human Capital Advisory Practice added so many dimensions to the business and human capital consulting skills I had. With insights into varied business sectors and industries from financial services to public sector, I realized how the help of a consultant could transition an organizational issue from struggling to success. ‘Consulting’ was no longer a bad word. While I loved every minute of that opportunity and organization, there were times when the issue or organization was so large, or the project so well-staffed, that I lost direct touch with the client, and at times with the real issue we were there to address. I had an interest to get closer and ensure that I could more directly drive client outcomes. I had requests from a few organizations for help and the rest is history.


I am so glad you are here and I look forward to sharing ideas that may help you and your business achieve your goals.