The secret psychology of moving from employee to entrepreneur

We all have people who inspire us.

These are our go-to’s when we need inspiration, knowledge, information, or answers to questions.. In today’s world, where we’re inundated with clever things to see and read (blogs, articles, videos, posts etc.), it becomes even more important to find voices that offer just-in-time value and information.

This isn’t about limiting those indulgences (that’ll be a blog for another day), but is rather about sharing the names of two people in the leadership and coaching realm who stand out for me. Both produce information with broad application - to coaches, leaders, entrepreneurs and gig-workers alike. One is Peter Bregman - you’ll see me re-post his work from time to time. The other is Christine Kane (Uplevel You.)

In Christine’s recent blog she tackles what I’ll call the ‘freedom paradox’ associated with being a ‘gig’ worker, independent consultant or entrepreneur. If you’re a gig-worker; are thinking about venturing out on your own, or a leader seeking to expand your work-at-home workforce – I urge you to give this a read..