Leadership doesn't have to be lonely.

Combining business and operational knowledge, leadership capability and a keen understanding of human and organizational dynamics, The Coaching Co. exists to accelerate strategic alignment and success. The Coaching Co. advances individuals, teams and organizations through a variety of services.

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Strategic Planning and Review

  • Setting a directionOpen or Close

    Every organization needs to know where it’s going to set the direction and ensure alignment to the tactics and objectives of each day. Strategic planning is one way to identify weaknesses while assessing competitive advantage and focusing on the strengths you’ll build upon. The Coaching Co. will aid in your strategic visioning process and implementation planning.

  • An outcome-focused approachOpen or Close

    Strategic planning need not be a cumbersome, painful experience for staff and leadership. The Coaching Co. understands the value and benefit of strategic buy-in and engagement of others in the planning process, while balancing the need to get to the goal-line. The Coaching Co. takes a practical approach to engaging organizational resources. Get ready to experience an action and results focused approach to facilitate direction-setting and outcomes.

  • Auditing and accountabilityOpen or Close

    Breakdown into smaller tasks and timelines ensure accountability. The effective strategic planning process includes setting objectives and auditing against 30/60/90 day checkpoints.

Leadership, Team and Career Coaching

  • It can be lonely at the topOpen or Close

    What ‘inner circle’ is the CEO, VP or Manager leveraging to drive their own success? Every great coach should have a coach and let’s face it, it can be lonely at the top. Perhaps we have the ‘stuff’ of leadership, but how do we ensure we’re as strong and capable as we can be? Coaching helps focus us on what’s important; to identify gaps and blind spots and to develop strategies to address those gaps.

  • Engaging with a coachOpen or Close

    From first time Manager to CEO, leaders are understandably distracted by the day to day rigor of business and life. Engaging with a coach helps to bring accountability and tangibility to the things that really matter – accelerating the organization or the individual to the target outcome. This process may involve a leadership profile, objective clarification, identification of strengths and gaps, or resume and job search communications coaching. The coach can also be engaged to work directly with intact leadership and staff teams using many of the same tools and approaches that are used in one-on-one coaching. The outcome? Improvement of team dynamics, goal alignment and creation of a common language for interaction.

  • Establishing trustOpen or Close

    Establishing trust is paramount in a coaching relationship. The Coaching Co. enlists a discrete process built around one-on-one interactions, honesty, and an understanding that your business and personal life are to be handled carefully and with sensitivity to confidentiality and reputation.

  • Extra valueOpen or Close

    Every great leader and deal-maker is looking for ‘extra’ value. The ‘real world’ business experience of The Coaching Co. offers a foundation that can be leveraged for problem-solving around challenging organizational, business or human capital/human resource matters.

Organizational Development

  • Structure, culture and designOpen or Close

    In the best of situations, organizations are lead by strong leaders with clear strategy and pure intentions. Sadly, however, the structure, culture and design of an organization can make the best of ideas and the strongest of leaders fail.

  • Where structure meets intentionsOpen or Close

    While you can find many definitions, The Coaching Co. believes that organizational development is foundationally focused on how an organization is structured and aligned to execute its strategic intentions – through systems and people.

  • Organizational development in practiceOpen or Close

    Some of the services offered by The Coaching Co. in this area include: organization design, organizational effectiveness review, human resources and OD maturity assessment, performance management systems review and implementation as well as leadership coaching and development.

Change Management

  • Adaptability is paramountOpen or Close

    Organizations are in a constant state of flux; the ability to adapt and quickly assimilate change as individuals and organizations will determine speed to productivity and business outcomes. Productivity is important to business, isn’t it?

  • Identifying obstaclesOpen or Close

    Change management is an intentional approach to help individuals and organizations prepare for and adapt to change. The practice of managing change includes identifying obstacles and developing strategies to support organizational evolution and revolution.

  • Don't let change derail your businessOpen or Close

    Some examples where unmanaged change can derail business outcomes include, technology change, mergers and acquisitions, organization re-design, physical workplace and culture change.

  • Change management in practiceOpen or Close

    Some elements of the change management service offering include: identification of change risk and impact, developing and focusing strategy to identify areas of change management priority and minimize risk, identification of communication needs, principles and approach to inform multiple stakeholders, and training and coaching leadership to manage people through change.